Spirituality and The Meaning of Life

What is The Meaning of Life?
Ah the ultimate question, sought after by kings and peasants alike. What is the meaning of life? The answer is only yours to determine, perhaps it’s already within your grasp, or just a small stretch away? It’s a unique answer held exclusively for you; for you are the intellect that formulates that thought and you will ultimately decipher the understanding to everything you contemplate.

“Seek and you will find” … “Ask and it will be answered” …


The very fact that you ask a question means it’s capable of you to grasp the answer.  I was determined to answer this complex question about my own life for myself.  I remember when I was young and saw a small child suffering from a debilitating disease I was struck with sadness and a deep unsettling occurred in my inner most Being.

Why, I asked, do such sad things happen to some people?  I was told by a mature spiritual person to contemplate that … would I find meaning in that?  I pondered that deeply over a long period of time.  What does my asking such a question tell me about myself, I wondered, contemplated, evaluated and digested this idea until I was able to balance my own inner spirit with the reality I observed.

Is The Answer Here For You?
Remember as a child … whatever we would study we would learn about.  Whatever we look at long and hard enough we would get to see in detail.  When we came back and looked again at another time we would see even more.  Can we ever see it all … can we ever learn everything there is to learn?

I know I can get answers just as certainly as any other person who honestly asks that question on their own.  Answers are reserved for those who dare to ask the questions and honestly seek for answers.  When we can grasp a concept enough to challenge our own understanding and thinking, we can then discover more and explore even more deeply.   The more we question the more we can attain, this is the the Spiritual Quest.

What’s my answer to this perplexing question?  I’m willing to share this …  are you full and satisfied? If you were would that be your answer?  If you are not yet full and satisfied is that your answer?  Are you ready yet for the answer or will it allude you for another day?  The answers are always here for those who genuinely seek to find.