The Spiritual Book

The Spiritual Quest

Spirituality what is it? For the purposes of this book spiritual is the opposite of physical, it means something that we cannot see or touch. The spiritual is perceived within you as inner sensitivities, emotional feelings, discernments, intuitions and especially feelings of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, faith, mildness and all other such inner experiences. All these words describe what’s light and positive. However in the spiritual quest we must also acknowledge the other side of the spiritual spectrum. This involves the negative emotions. Feelings like fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, stress and worry, among many others.

All of these inner sensations, with either positive or negative connotations are there by design. The designer of these experiences could be called god, nature, biology, instinct, the universe, or whatever other word you want to use in your personal discovery exploring spirituality within yourself. The fact of the matter is that none of these spiritual states are good or bad in and of themselves. What makes them good or bad is our interpretation and reaction to them. Your inner spiritual world is exclusively your own. By closely focusing on these sensations we encounter in life, we can use these as sensors to adjust ourselves and our focus accordingly. Naturally we gravitate toward experiences that help us feel good; we are able to act in a way specific to bringing about that particular positive experience again.

However, there also exists in us a propensity to completely ignore the negative sensations, or worse suppress them internally. Since these spiritual experiences arise within us as part every plausible situation we face in life, we should try to embrace them fully.  Suppressing any of these spiritual states is killing your spiritual experience and is actually working against your own well-being.

The fact of the matter is every person experiences these spiritual sensations in every moment of their lives. By fully embracing these inner states and pondering upon them we are fully engaged in the spiritual quest.  If we suppress or ignore these important internal measuring mechanisms we distort and pollute our own personal attainments.

People who choose to be active with themselves embracing their spiritual side consequently find greater peace and contentment, first within themselves and then they become better equipped to influence the rest of their reality in a positive way. Spirituality is often described as a plane of consciousness that hovers above our physical experiences. The spiritual quest begins at the first sign of consciousness and awareness of this experience, and it lasts until we take our final breath in our physical body. 

Throughout your entire life there is only you in the spiritual quest. There is only you with you. The third person you talk to internally is up to you to discover. Is it you just talking to you; trying to decipher your place in the world around you? Is it just you alone in your inner spiritual quest searching and defining who and what you discover? You are connected to everything inside your own body, and the only method of communication you have with the outside physical world is through your five senses. All the input from these five senses influences what spiritual experience you feel within about a particular thing or situation you encounter.

When we talk about our spiritual quest, there is nothing to explore on the outside world, everything is internal, inside of you. The question we should all seek to answer in the spiritual quest is what’s happening inside of us. If you think about it that’s what has the most significant impact on you. Defining your reality as you interact with life as you encounter it. If you are calm and collected, because you’re at one with yourself, even in the most stressful situation you minimize the negative consequences in your experience. You manage and control your world by changing yourself. The way you interpret and interact with every situation you encounter in life is felt within. You are only in control of you in every interaction. You can influence interactions and their affects on you by the way you manage and conduct yourself in life.

 Here is your first opportunity to grow. When you come to terms with the fact that you, and only you alone, manage what’s happening inside yourself. A finer point of revelation is that you experience the rest of the world exclusively within yourself as you perceive things through your inner spiritual discernments. Our external 5 senses give us data about the world outside, but the meaning we put onto our reality is experienced and interrupted exclusively inside of us. Just like there are no two people with the same fingerprint, which is a unique physical characteristic, your inner spiritual fingerprints are unique and exclusive in defining you.

The next time you experience an event with others, ask others to describe what they felt and experienced and you will find that even though all of you were part of the same situation, the takeaways were all different and unique. All events happening in our lifetime alone or as part of a group, your interpretation is always unique to you. We might even go as far as to call it your spiritual fingerprint.

Spirituality is an ever-expanding, insatiable thirst for knowledge to propagate oneness with our spiritual halves. It is a constant barrage of questions in finding the answers within ourselves. The most crucial question in your quest to spirituality is why am I the way I am? When you ask yourself this question, you need to appreciate how difficult and complex it is to answer. You may even enlist the help of a spiritual adviser or a medical psychologist to push you in the right direction for discovery; however, the journey is something you are taking by yourself. Embracing positive things are on one end of the spectrum and everything negative is on the other. People who make a habit of ‘sweeping things under the rug’ or never embracing or expressing what they feel inside are missing the most important part of the spiritual journey. By ignoring and suppressing the negative they defy their own nature and are working against themselves. This only leads to further unpleasant spiritual sensations and more extreme actions that lead to uneasiness and greater discomfort with life.


The spiritual quest begins in earnest when a person begins to understand they are working on themselves to better their life and undo all the perceived damage they’ve caused themselves by not embracing their spiritual states of competence.  The eventual and ultimate goal is to fully merge and embrace the spiritual quest, which is always unblemished from the perceived harsh environment of our physical lives and experiences. We could embrace and treat life with kindness, love, and compassion; to most this seems the ideal attainment. When a person goes against their own natural progression of spiritual awareness, it leads to a considerable amount of discomfort and if not reversed can and will lead to dis-ease and a life of misery.

When you are at ease, you can feel it in your heart and mind. There is peace and harmony inside you that is well balanced by stress and worry and that helps keep you centered with yourself and one with your world. A total opening of one’s senses to complete acceptance of every situation is spirituality and it is so much more than just a feeling of peace and harmony. It becomes a strong pull of competency like a compass to hold you on course and guide you through life.

When we lose our bearing completely and become so lost that we cannot fathom which way to go, we simply reach deep within ourselves to find the best way forward. The fact of the matter is that you can easily find your way forward without resolving all perceived roadblocks that are holding you back by trusting your inner spiritual compass to guide you.

Everything we do, every thought we have, everything we see and hear determines our bearings in this world. All of our actions create energy and send off spiritual vibrations to those around us. We do well to ask ourselves what vibrations my actions send out to the world. This phenomenon has been labeled different terms such as ‘aura,’ ‘vibes,’ etc. That is why you sometimes find yourself around people that make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. While you might not notice it consciously, you are feeling this in your spiritual space.


It has been mentioned above that every individual is unique in this world. Since every person has different spiritual fingerprints, it is impossible for someone to claim that they have found “the formula” for spirituality. There is no ‘one path,’ ‘one formula,’ in this process there is only your path and your formula and it’s unique to you alone. How do you find your ‘true-path? No one is able to do that for you. However, the question here arises: what is the true path?

Well, simply put, the true path is genuine love, compassion, and kindness towards all living beings on this planet. Furthermore, it is the clarity of sight and having one’s priorities straight. This is done by having our moral compass balanced against our internal spiritual compass to guide us on the path. To live a genuine spiritual life no matter how life unfolds in our experience.

When you ascend the humdrum travesty of life, you realize that there are so many aspects of yourself that are constructed by society. The social classes, national pride, racist overtones and undertones, the classical patriarchal societies and religious indoctrinations all determine and focus our rational thoughts. We all seek harmony with our natural human animalistic instincts for survival and acceptance to achieve some happiness in life. When you reach deep within yourself and explore to get your answers, you realize that there are many things you are tied to and even stronger things that bind and chain you. Like your nation, your religion, your ethnic group or social status. We are connected as one human species and connected as one living organism.

Think about this deeply. We are tied to the earth for food and water, tied to plants and an atmosphere to breathe, tied to a solar system for heat and light, all this held together by universal forces so enormous and powerful that it boggles the mind. Your integral connection to all of this reality in physical space is just as necessary for your survival as your perceived “you” is reliant on your lungs and heart. Everything in this universe is connected and is part of what makes you. Well who are you? 

A genuinely spiritual person recognizes and embraces their unique position in the cosmos as a consciousness; connected to everything so intrinsically that they are nothing without everything else. The thing which hurts us and causes conflict and suffering are the divides we put up by ourselves. This spiritual quest and mastery put us in control of ourselves and our inner spiritual condition. Spiritual people are found in all walks of life.


If you look at the world right now, in the context of 2020, the world is so polarized that it becomes intensely tricky to gauge the world from either side. A spiritual sense prevails underneath all the events which have taken place in the world in the year 2020, as well as the many years preceding this. It is almost as if the universe, god, nature, or whatever you discover inside that you might hold dear to you, is begging to be noticed. Well that small little feckless you, that thinks you are so important so as to have all the answers to this complex world of reality, this is your ego.

The reality is you are nothing more than a trapped consciousness stuck in your body watching the experience of the physical world unfolding before you. Your true connection to this reality is only discoverable within you. There are no external answers that will satisfy your true connection to all reality which is the experience of the spiritual quest. All the things which have happened or will happen cannot be analyzed on their face value that is way too shallow. It can only be explored deep inside within your own spiritual consciousness.

Considering everything that has happened in your world up until now, can you honestly criticize anything from a place a confident political bias? Humans have tried and failed at this for so long and nothing is working, or perhaps everything is working perfectly, exactly as it has from day one?  Our human intellect and massive egos have been creating a divide and polarizing the world into extremist points of view. All this is creating more and more suffering and even more hostility and unpleasantness for those who reject the spiritual quest.

The fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and they are able to say anything they like without any accountability is nonsense and not even calculated in the spiritual world. Even our physical planet earth is ready in a second to heal itself with a hurricane, tornado, plague or virus.  We are nothing but nagging gnats of ego, attacking and belittling our own perceptions. When the reality is, that inside ourselves in the spiritual quest, we inhabit and access the true connection to everything there is to know. This is the spiritual quest to those who wish to journey to the top of the universe. 

A person working on giving their explanation and interpretation on the events of life as the only right way, effectively shut themselves off from discovering anything beyond their own smallness.  The different questions that need to be asked will never be asked by the person who believes they already know the answers. Answers only come to the questions we are willing to ask ourselves, about ourselves, as teeny tiny particles in the enormous reality we occupy.

To explore the specifics and the topics you might be interested in requires your willingness to analyze them honestly and emotionally from within. Questions asked internally in conversations you have with yourself is the spiritual quest. You might have noticed that people, who are labeled the most influential, have such a fantastic way with words; they also have the ability to listen calmly to what the other person is saying.  How do they cultivate this ability? They realize this is also a conversation they are having with themselves. There is no winning a conversation there is only revelation and understanding. This understanding is achieved with every question being fully explored. Exploring where the topic feels most uncomfortable in your inner spiritual sensations will lead you to the greatest advancement in discovery.  Decide to engage your inner self in conversations with others, try listening to understand others from your higher self. As you assimilate and digest all question and the answers to each, you reach a new level of attainment. That level is a spiritual attainment that one feels in the core of their being.

As you examine where others are coming from, you need to start by acknowledging within yourself there is personal bias. If you still think that you have all the right answers think again, you do not! There is no need to cherry-pick words to soften the harsh reality of our own biases on any situation. There are people we encounter with diverse views and understandings.  You should be looking at all sides of the question, trying to figure out who is in the right or who is in the wrong. If you cling to the idea you know best trying to pin blame or pin ignorance on someone else, how lazy and dark a place to be.


Our biased views don’t start with any malicious intent; rather it is all part of a huge conspiracy of people stuck in a mind prison, who see everyone else through their own prison bars. This prison comes from a place of deep sentiment. People on both sides of any argument have deeply rooted sentimental points of view which, according to them, are totally legitimate. They will fight tooth and nail to prove to the other party why they’re in the right. How sad and insecure a person must be to limit themselves and their understandings to their tiny spec of reference. Why would they be unwilling to explore more and different ideas to broaden their own comprehension and discovery? 

Most people hear only what they want to hear; they line up and search for information that validates their point of view. They don’t want to know or understand what the other person is saying.  The spiritual quest invites you to discover how small and insignificant you really are. The   bigger, and broader, and stronger, and clearer you become in understanding your spiritual comprehension, the smaller and smaller you become in the spiritual quest. Become the littlest one in every conversation to learn more and grow even smaller.

This weak community mindset and alliance on rigged understandings is institutionalized through the new digital information age. Computers and social media have specifically designed algorithms to please and support both opposing biases so no one is offended.  These algorithms can gauge your preferences and make accurate assumptions about what you would like to see and hear, and so they target that information right to you. This is done to further the dogmatic belief that you are right, and that others are wrong.

To discover the truth, above and beyond the bias, the ignorance, the frustration, or the irritation; in our spiritual space we must challenge our strongest held beliefs.  Can we tear down our current perspective to fully embrace and build an entirely new one? We must be willing to build the new one up; and then be willing to tear it down again. When you are able to embrace and explore these inner spiritual discernments, you are now entering onto your own path of light in spiritual awareness.  This is your spiritual quest.


The essential aim of the spiritual quest is your personal internal dialog free from fear of being wrong, or being mislead. Rather finding strength in your own curious exploration to scrutinize every situation within yourself. Our first commitment is being extremely honest with ourselves with truth and integrity to our own explorations. Never drawing final conclusions and always be willing to fully embrace the negative spiritual sensations as the fastest way forward to greater enlightenment.

When you start to acknowledge that there’s nothing else defining your spiritual world except you, look inside you there is where you discover truth. You’re being god, or you’re a being with god, discovering your own personal reality that is uniquely your spiritual fingerprint. You’re working to harmonize yourself with everything that exists in this complex universe. What in this powerful tiny space of reality that you occupy, do you actually know for sure? How could you ever know enough to dismiss any of it, deny any of it or dare to hurt any of it?

To get beyond our blockages with reference to the arguments of the day, or the historical patterns of the left and the right, the religious or the non-religious, we do well to embrace the duality of anything; while exercising extreme caution at not judging anything as good or bad within our spiritual comprehension.  Whenever there are two contrasting points of view, called the duality, there are always two sides, positive and negative, left and right, up and down, forward and backward. Nevertheless, both of these polarities have a stark similarity, which is the spiritual connection between the two points, this is the wholeness and the oneness that one discovers on their spiritual quest.  

If you are finding these ideas overly simplistic or nervously unsettling, welcome to the spiritual quest.  There are no answers here for you until you can discover your own questions and dare to dive deep into the contradictions, because the fact of the matter is that the truth is in the whole and the whole is in you.

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