5. Our Future Concerns

As humans we have much to be proud of in our physical domination of the planet. We have conquered nature with habitats that support human life in the most unwelcome of climates. Through modern advancements in farming we have fed the starving populations of the earth. We have medical break-trough’s that over the last half century have extended human life expectancy by some ten years.

Despite our major progress as a species spanning the globe with world connectivity and commerce, things seem to be becoming more and more problematic and worrisome? Perhaps the question to ask about our progress is, “is it a record of success or a path to our own demise?” Can we continue exploiting our limited natural resources without negative consequences? Through our unconscious self-serving push for progress do we aggravate and even threaten the biological survival of the earth and ultimately ourselves living upon it?

Humans are uniquely able to dominate and control nature like no others. We feel strong and very powerful with all the amazing scientific and technological progress we have made on this planet. It seems obvious to many thinking people that eventually nature will be unable to keep up with our growing desires for even greater progress?

The increasing demands we put on the biosphere, by competitively consuming natural resources, can be painful to contemplate. The abundance of natural resources has taken billions of years to develop; they maintain themselves in harmonious complex biological rhythms. Are there any real long-term consequences for humanity through over consumption?

Some of us believe we are bigger and stronger than nature. In this ignorance the awesomeness of nature and its majestic power can be lost. Forgetting that we are an integral part of nature do we risk losing our love and respect for own Mother Earth? Despite our ability to understand this why do we continue to consume at a rate that seems carelessly unsustainable long-term? Without a gigantic spiritual awakening among us as individuals, our world seems poised to remain in decline and ultimately may even threaten our long-term survival on the planet?


Through modern urbanizations and the expanding of infrastructures we have destroyed some of the natural habitats of many other life species; and yet the direct exploitation of wildlife with deforestation for massive human developments continues unabated? Humans are consistently manipulating the earth’s natural landscape and some would suggest devastatingly so. This is a just a small sampling of what human advancement has generated by its powerful desires for more. Those in the spiritual space can sense that many of the fragile life species on earth may be threatened.

Our dominance of planet earth has also grown to include a decay in the moral values of wholeness and mindfulness; empathy and honesty too seem to have already succumbed to this degradation? Unless this unravelling is reversed perhaps this spiral of decline might ultimately lead to our own demise?

Through the advancement of human innovations with farming and agriculture we now produce more food than we need for survival. These practices cultivate great landmasses with geo-modified plantings and chemical manipulations for fertilization and pest control. Do these practices pose any threat to the balance of the ecosystems that other life forms rely on for survival?

Some argue that the use of pesticides has led to the decline of wild bees and other insects that help naturally pollinate wild fruits and vegetables? Will this in turn affect other life-forms that rely on nature for their food supply? Wealthy nations in some cases dispose of more food than they consume. Perhaps this land degradation itself, to make more land for the cultivation of crops, in the long-term endangers sustaining agriculture for us all?


The human efforts to protect individual species and set up wildlife refuges, while well intentioned, are not really adequate in compensating for this unbalance. Can we dismiss empathy and caring for other life-forms denying our higher spiritual qualities and expect to survive and thrive long-term in this ecosystem? Doesn’t the continuous interventions and in-depth probing of nature seem self evidently dangerous? We need new transformative measures that go beyond simple logic and reason. We need inner spiritual transformation and healing to bridge our divides or do we risk our own fragile lives on this planet without it?

These earth manipulating activities of destroying natural habitats with infrastructural construction, road expansions and city developments are certainly disrupting our natural land and ecosystems balance; to what end? If our advancement is driven by unconscious raw capitalistic power-leverage, certainly this seems to be a threat to our own human survival?

Global satellite mapping reveals large areas of livable land masses have already been significantly altered by humans. We are aggressively competing with one another consuming our limited biosphere in pursuit of what? Just an unconscious raw capitalistic drive for power and greater profits, how can this make any positive sense regarding the future?

Those awake and connected inside to their spiritual space can sense that these patterns are unsustainable long term. Will there ever be ‘enough’ to satiate our never ending human desires? With most humans unconsciously consuming and burning through natural resources, such as fossil fuels for energy, what is the ultimate outcome should we exhaust what we know is of limited supply?


If we speak of the natural processes, such as fish eating fish for survival, many people compare the human situation with that of animals. Yet when it comes to the realization of mass destruction only humans have conscious awareness of the consequences of their actions. Only humans have discovered their inner spiritual space and in that way we are not like other animals. Perhaps the spiritual development of human consciousness will enable us to save ourselves from this scary path of self-extinction?

There is no need to debate this. To try and win or undermine this argument from a scientific or political framework of rational arguments based on human logic and reasoning is insufficient. We need to pursue a higher worldwide spiritual endeavor to help spread awareness of our plight and get everyone gathered onto a unified platform of healing. We must work together from this spiritual space to achieve our mutual goal of saving ourselves and the planet from the negative impacts of our unending and unconscious human consumption.

Human population has almost doubled over the last fifty years and continues to expand and grow with the technological and medical advancements of science. This ever-growing human demand for food and energy consumption, where does such a scientific equation ultimately lead us as a species on the planet?

Fish eat fish for survival, and that’s it. As humans we ‘overfish’ – so much so that we all but eliminate entire species of fish from the coasts altogether. Due to overfishing, the marine ecosystem has been negatively affected. Large portions of the oceans are affected by human processes, including runoff from agriculture and plastic pollution. The number of alien fish species – species Seeker Explorer 8 found outside their natural range – is evidence that human over-fishing disrupts and diminishes the richness of biodiversity, threatening the balance of our oceanic ecosystem.


Young people know innately their future lives are deeply threatened by the abuse of our natural eco-system. Will the younger generations be deprived of the environmental richness and diversity that has sustained life for millions of years?

We demand these young people to cover their faces with masks to prevent the spread of an air born virus that mostly threatens the sick and elderly. In this process are we not depriving the next generations of the natural preventative herd immunities that spread through shared social interactions?

The worlds current unconscious competitive economy is an environmental pyramid scheme; dumping the liabilities and the consequences on the young and unborn future generations. At the core of this raw competitive capitalism sits a vast and scarcely examined assumption that everyone is entitled to as big a share of the world’s resources as their money can buy. If someone can afford to pay for it, they can own entire fertile plains and mountain ranges in their name. They can burn off as much fuel as they want, because why not? Does money itself secure certain rights to individual human possession over nature’s wealth? Is this unconscious and unexamined competitive system really sustainable long-term?

The economy’s current paradigm of unmanaged capitalistic growth depends on consumption with mounting debt dumped in astronomical proportions on the laps of our children. Demanding now, through government mandates on health insurance, that they share in subsidizing the enormous health care expenses for a dying baby-boomer generation. Through this unconscious consumption and growth have we selfishly expedited the possible demise of our own children’s futures? Certainly to the spiritually conscious communities, and also in the hearts of our children, it’s sensed that if there is not a major course correction soon all our futures may be threatened.

The human competition for power and relevancy has the world becoming more and more polarized. Creating deep cutting separation and disconnects. These disconnections now extend into families living in the same household. Our social networks and ideological associations are supported through digital networks pushed online through the world of virtual reality. On social media platforms we are bombarded with input to support our own biases. This reaffirms our own limited view. We think the entire world agrees with us, because that’s all we ever see.

These artificial computer-generated connections are polluting our biological connections. The biological connections that have served humanity since the birth of time. It is sad that the children born and raised in this digital environment see members of their own family as living in a completely different world.

Children are developing and expanding at such a pace that these old connections of biological and human interactions are not understood. There is comfort in the anonymity of the internet but the long-term consequences are very worrisome for our children and grandchildren.


This is not to debate whether or not the 2020 Covid19 pandemic is a genuine long-term threat or not. We leave it to the readers to crack the debate themselves by breaking through the chains of manipulating media and blind politics. However, the biological effects of this corona-virus are changing the consciousness of the entire world. Everyone is now uniting around the question of where do we go from here?

Throughout human history such revolutionary changes were a rallying call among the collective to unite. Today the chaos seems to be driving a madness of hate and resistance. Everyone is feeling alienated or threatened to one degree or another; and this pace of change seems likely to continue.

History is full of stories of world conquerors. They rise to power on a vision of hope and change. The power they accumulate from the group collective provides a powerful pull on everyone. A powerful action driven demand for change, but it was always harnessed by the love that unites us as a collective. Today it is no longer us versus them … rather it’s us versus us. We are all one world collective and we win this or we lose this together. It’s happening right now in front of our eyes; nature is demanding a world-wide collective desire for change; a change to what end?

The virus outbreak launched a global ‘lock down’ cutting into the world economy across the entire globe. The chaos that this triggered reveals how the world is connected. What effects or infects any one of us is felt by everyone.

Some suggest that as we invade and devour the ecosystem and habitats of plants and animal species, we pave the way for the emergence of new viruses and diseases? Were HIV, Ebola, influenza, MERS, and SARS, transferred from animals to humans? Animals cramped inside of factories and testing labs can they breed new illnesses, like we have seen with the emergence of both the swine and bird flu?


The raw competitive capitalistic idea of limitless growth seems like an unsustainable illusion and the concept of an ever increasing pie seems short sighted? These never ending wealth reservoirs keep bubbling forth profits that perpetuate a limitless appetite for the fragile and limited supply of earth’s natural resources, to what end?

Most of our life-threatening emergencies are rooted in the mechanistic, militaristic and anthropocentric worldview that we are separate from nature. As masters of the earth many believe we can own, control and manipulate others and nature as objects of self-gratification and profits.

If we continue to divide into hostile camps of competing ideologies and connect through our animalistic tendencies of tribal war-fare, to dominate one-another, will we really succeed? Does this not threaten our very own future existence on this planet?

As individuals we must recognize our spiritual deficiencies to discover our common bond as biological siblings. Together we must unite in a higher-calling of love and connection. In just a few years, biologically speaking, could we destroy the very complex systems that have allowed humans to evolve and prosper in the first place?

In our unconscious hostility towards one-another we Seeker Explorer 14 all sense we are living under oppression. These world problems like the collapse and demise of the ecosystem, the rise in chaos amongst human relationships, the loss of biodiversity seem to all be of our own making? Perhaps the top environmental problem on this planet is the unconsciousness of the human race?

As we experience less and less of our biological and holistic human connections, centered in our common relationships as fellow earth citizens, we are all feeling uncomfortable and threatened about our future. From a spiritual perspective, above our selfish concerns, should we consider an economic model that respects ecological and ethical limits for us all.

A spiritual “conscious cooperative capitalism” that supports the human collective as a whole; toward the betterment of everyone as individuals within it. Can we define a model of universal rights for Mother Earth, rights of other species, rights of human beings and the rights of future generations? Can we focus on a higher, more spiritual dimension of love connections; working together to survive and thrive as a species on this planet?

This spiritual change requires that we discover our own personal tendencies toward selfishness, greed and apathy. Our own desire for more and better, this ever increasing deficiency, will we ever fill it physically? The healing needed has to start at the individual level where we heal within by spiritually embracing love. This sounds so naïve and weak and yet love it is the most powerful of human skills. Can this become our new world religion? The church of spiritual love where we actually do care for one another and our planet too? We have all been taught that love and caring is uniquely able to lead us toward righting our wrongs; can we do this together?


You can start by embracing the spiritual quest and discovering more within our own spiritual space. Acknowledge and contemplate our own thoughts toward others, especially those we disagree with. Can we minimize the hate and demeaning of others within our own thoughts and feelings? If we could put on a mask of a loving smile and say, “I am love and I love you”, from this simple spiritual platform can we attract the blessings and support of others from our higher spiritual nature? If we are unable to re-discover this important spiritual piece of our humanity, we certainly have reasons to worry.

As spiritual explorers we must unite and stand in solidarity with love for the only life-sustaining deity we all know personally, our Mother Earth. Will the earth and Mother Nature sit idle as we continue on our hostile aggressive path? The evidence suggests otherwise. We must unite around our common spiritual interests. Unless we right this condition it seems that the rebuttals from nature will only increase.

Despite human civilization advancements in our material successes we have made individual people feel more lost and miserable. Many sense intrinsically that we are very ill and dying spiritually speaking. We all want to see the light and want eternal well-being. We want to feel that truth within. We all realize that every life has a purpose; we need to willingly embrace our own soul’s mission of helping one-another.

Those in the spiritual space, who nobly embrace this love and connection, who express it outwardly toward others rarely feel depressed. Every individual on earth is endowed with a purpose to experience fulfillment. Every event in your life has happened to shape your belief and to serve you. Every situation, either good or bad, serves a purpose in your life.

Our spiritual awakening means accepting and adopting all others as fellow siblings of our earth family. The real sustainable economy is an economy of care for one another, for the planet and for all life that resides upon it. Our spiritual transformation offers us the opportunity to make a quantum leap forward, toward creating a planetary ecological civilization based on love and harmony with one another and with nature.

The objective with writing this book was initiating a spiritual demand for reconciliation – human reconciliation to spiritual consciousness, to relinquish the steady patterns of disconnection which only produce and perpetuate unhappiness. Hopefully you prefer to join with us, as spiritual citizens in love and respect for one-another; as one big unified human family?

We need rejuvenation to flourish in the long-lost spiritual meaning of love. Love and live in that spiritual context of human existence. Discover share and perpetuate true happiness for everyone. This is the spiritual healing Seeker Explorer 18 our world so desperately needs. It is incumbent upon you and me as individuals to lead the way forward; or to follow those who do.

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