Spirituality and Politics

If we rearranged our communication objectives to understanding everyone completely, it would become pretty clear who or what is credible. Most of us want to know what’s true.

This worked for centuries when we lived in communities and collectively knew who the liars were, “They are the lying family … they’re really good citizens, very fun and friendly, good with many things but not in honesty.” We still accepted them and associated with them and everyone knew them as the liars and trusted accordingly.

The Internet has separated us into our tribal corners. Where do we find community consensus? Our online communities are monolithic, divided into camps of hostiles … are we supposed to support the liars and deceivers because we agree politically?

Sadly social media seems to perpetuate our disconnects; some are quick to attack and tear things down. As an integral spiritual community here we seek to discover consensus in understanding not in always finding agreement. Here is the place to be open welcoming and agreeable.

We seek understanding and supporting of one another … even the liars and exaggerators accepting them too even when we disagree. The Spiritual Quest is a LOVE COMMUNITY … it’s an environment for love – connection and acceptance.

Everyone who supports this positive atmosphere is invited and welcomed here. We leave the angry intellects to spar and jostle for relevance elsewhere. Here we’re all about the Spiritual Quest knowing we’re all in this together and love and human connections are the ultimate solution for all our woes.