Dealing With Anxiety

Spiritual Tools for Preventing and Dealing With Anxiety Attacks 

Modern life is full of stresses and pains and often does a number on your mental health. Medications and therapy are often band-aids, treating the symptoms but not the root cause – an unsatisfying, unfulfilling life that doesn’t nourish your soul. The Spiritual Quest includes getting in touch with yourself, spiritually aligning with your internal energies, allows you to be happier and live a more enriching life  free of debilitating fear.     

According to SingleCare, “Over 264 million adults around the globe have anxiety”, making it a major concern that needs to be addressed.  Here are some spiritual tips on preventing and dealing with anxiety attacks: 

Use The “Empty Road” Thought Exercise  

Changing Minds says “When you’re in control, you feel good”. When you’re not in control or you anticipate obstacles to throw you off course you feel anxious and afraid. Over time the fear becomes layered into your system and gets triggered by external and internal stressors – real and imagined. 

When you’re feeling the onset of panic and stress imagine an empty endless road before you. Like you’re cruising down the road in a car; not too fast and not too slow. There is no one else around and nothing to get in your way. This helps to generate the feeling of safety, peace, and unhampered momentum in your body. Keep up this practice and eventually you’ll be able to generate it on demand to keep the panic at bay. 

Make Changes 

Often we end up getting trapped in situations that aren’t good for us. We fight making changes because it’s too hard or we fear the alternative might be worse.  Take the case of a bad job or career – yes it helps you survive and pay bills. Is it unsustainable long-term? Don’t become frozen in fear. Be courageous and confident to make-a-change, always flowing with the positive spiritual energy helps lead us to better things. 

If your job is making you anxious, change the patterns of your career. It doesn’t have to be a major change – you can enroll in an online program to learn more while continuing with your current job. You can earn certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and even doctorates to expand your change options.    

Accept The Panic Instead of Resisting 

Sometimes there are things beyond our control. Anxiety beyond our efforts to control by change can become too much to put off.  It can creep up on you, kick your body into fight or flight mode, and generally leave you in a quivering mess.  What you resist will persist. At times like these you want to invest in several long and slow deep breaths ..  imagine your empty road, it’s better to learn to accept the anxiety and all the consequences, rather than resist what we cannot change. 

When you accept, it gives your body and your mind time, space and permission to process the stressors better. There is less pain and it’s all over sooner through acceptance. The resistance, on the other hand, prolongs the stress and agony and delays or prevents recovery.   

Wrapping Up 

Be your best friend and look after yourself. Learn to have faith in yourself, your life and in the intelligent force that cares for you. Ask yourself what your survival rate is until now? – You’re still here right? … Exactly! There’s no reason for that to change.  Following these suggestions will only help your life’s journey.

Article contributed by Sophie Letts of Meditation Help.