What is Spirituality?

The genuine spiritual person is in control of themselves and their inner spiritual condition and these people are found in all walks of life.

What is Spirituality?

The term spiritual … something we cannot see or touch. Words like love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, kindness, faith, mildness and self control are spiritual sensations. The other side of spiritual sensations are fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, stress, etc. These sensations are part of our being. These spiritual sensations are by design, by a designer (God, Nature, Instinct, etc).

By our focusing on these inner spiritual sensations, both good and bad, we are able to adjust our lives, conduct and actions in a way to maximize the good feelings and minimize the negative. By ignoring these sensations or trying to suppress them is defying nature and working against ourselves.

This leads to further unpleasant spiritual sensations and more extreme actions that lead to greater uneasiness. At ease is the opposite of dis ease. A person at ease is a spiritually balanced individual, one who embraces all internal sensations using them as a compass to guide one through life, balancing them in the tumultuous energy fields that surround them. Our actions create energy and send off spiritual vibrations to those around us. What signals do I send off by my actions in this world?

Every individual is unique in their personal experiences and spiritual sensations. Meaning there is no “one-way” …. “one-path” … “one-formula” … “one-religion” the only “one-thing” is the individual and their work on themselves alone. Measured only by their inner spiritual sensations to guide them to their “true-path”. The true path is genuine love for every person on this planet, balanced against our internal spiritual compass to guide us on the path to living a genuine spiritual life.

The genuine spiritual person is not confined to any nation, religion, ethnic or social group. The genuine spiritual person is in control of themselves and their inner spiritual condition and these people are found in all walks of life. Are you a spiritual person?

We are only capable of working on ourselves. As individuals we can strive to connect and feel the world around us. Particularly sensing and feeling our fellow man. We are all spiritually molded by our environment, we have no choice on how we grow-up. The environment makes us connect with our fellowman, those “like me” which is all created by our environment. It’s why certain religious views, clothing styles, music preferences all vary by geographical locations.

The influence to “fit-in” is our ego … wanting to connect with others for our own benefit. I suggest that the genuine spiritual quest is to rise above our egos and recognize that a spiritual connection must be measured by how we connect with those who are not “like me”. If you’re nice to your friend what extraordinary thing have you accomplished?

If we can learn to feel and connect with those who are different from us. Those who’s views are foreign to our own, those who cling to views we’ve outgrown or progressed beyond, or perhaps maybe we are the ones that have yet to make the growth? The only area we can make progress is on ourselves by rising above our egos and sensing the love for our fellow man that is the ultimate spiritual attainment.

8 thoughts on “What is Spirituality?”

  1. Certainly it seems eurphoric your writings and if all man kind thought in this manner it would be truly uncertain the outcome. I would certainly agree that love is the greatest force in all the universe. Jesus Christ is love, and with Love he brough discipline and direction. Discipline because there is a way in which true love needs to be projected. If all we do is just become jello in our quest to try to be tolerent to one anothers views then we will have missed the point of His Love. Start by trying to love the ones that the world has hated most. http://www.IsraelReturns.com

  2. Thank you Steven … you wrote, “There is a way in which true love needs to be projected …” Please explain how you would suggest that true Love be projected to those in our world who are not believers in Christianity.

    Additionally you wrote, “Certainly it seems euphoric your writings and if all mankind thought in this manner it would be truly uncertain the outcome.” … What specifically in these posts need to be changed to meet the Love criteria? So that together we can change uncertainty to certainty, a genuine Love outcome?

  3. When we speak from a fragmented indocrinated mind, we don’t make much sense to anyone (anyone with a soul).
    Remember, Jesus said there would be many who call him “Lord, Lord”, but who don’t really know him. How can we truly know him if we cannot think beyond the man-decided canon of the Bible?
    DO you understand that fallable men, if you like it or not, decided which books would be in the bible’s canon? Christianity, like any good thing, has become corrupted, I’d say, almost at its birth, so we MUST trust God, His Spirit within, rather than religion (Especially religion that denies that it is religion, while by definition it clearly is [christian preachers forever admitting we cannot trust in religion, yet themselves clearly are leaders of a religion!])

    1. Thank you Antonia … I agree with your comment. My approach today to this topic, is that every human being has life energy (God, source, love, spirit, etc.) flowing through them and all are searching to one degree or another. I think every person who takes the time to write down their observations on spiritual matters is an inspired writing. If we only rely on observations made thousands of years ago I think we do ourselves a disservice in our own spiritual development. ~ Peace

      1. I like what you say, Seeker:

        “I think every person who takes the time to write down their observations on spiritual matters is an inspired writing”

        To return to God would mean remaining in that inspired place (the Sourse of all inspired writings + Scriptures), without even needing to write down what you realize, see + experience there.

        Iv been a spiritual bibliolotrist (I worshipped books) for years and its kind of like a ball + chain, been inspirational sometimes, but more of a curse. “The letter of the (spiritual) law kills, while the Spirit gives life.” -Jesus. I’m about as sure as can be that this is what he meant.

        The written word + religion is for the lost, blind, immature and weak of faith, the “fallen”, similar to how kindergarten is for small kids. When we grow up we can be free of that + be with God directly. When I read something that enlivens, excites + inspires me its only because I knew the truth, that I had just read, all along! This is all my theory, I have yet to really let go, myself; I’m still a knowledge addict. I think I need to move on to rather become a full time prayer + meditation addict.
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        1. No one ever leaves “God” .. “God” is life and complete … spiritual writings contain some truth, all words ever penned on the subject will never contain all truth. We are all lost, blind, immature and weak to that which we have yet to attain, keep on looking further down the path on whatever road you are walking and keep loving those who walk a different path or those who walk at a different pace. ~ Peace

  4. Good am…Sat. 12/3/16 Tulsa OK
    Well Again Good Mornin…Mikal 32yrs originally from Tulsa an my Reservation Pawnee. As pointed out full blood Native from Pawnee Tribe.
    As far my beginnings Personally Most definitely say this with as much Respect. ..
    Am definite product and statistic if put on paper as to many countless traumas, struggles and absent alcoholic untrustworthy
    leaving me left unprotected experiencing all 4 Abuses before 10 birthday
    As I write an give You little incite to earlier childhood eventually becoming Homeless during my parental units separation including Blame put on me.
    Almost surreal but as far my indifferences
    I have learned an most definitely made each every Negative time into somethin Better! !
    If not accepted everything in past…because honestly I will never get answers from past…
    Only focus 2 do best an be Best
    To truly love me an no matter what goes on
    Be my Test an later Reward if not during this Life but in another! !
    Thanks so much 4 reading! Asap

    1. Thank you for your comment here … I have tried to derive some understanding on your comment on the Spiritual Quest Blog. I apologize I am having a difficult time trying to decipher your message to reply.
      I do see you have suffered; and I am encouraged you’ve learned through that suffering. You reference parents blaming you. As I trust you know that blame in any form undermines your own power. I’m sure your parents had their own suffering perhaps even worse than your own? 
      Events happen in life and there is always stronger vs weaker. Be it power, physical strength, emotional superiority or spiritual manipulation. The results of these interactions are experienced and realized by both parties.  The take away from the experience is the only thing we can control. 
      When we blame we give up control and suffering continues. I am encouraged to see you have taken responsibility for yourself to make things better and that’s good. Your kindness and forgiveness of yourself and of others through every negative experience will bring you rewards even in this life. 
      Thank you so much for sharing and may the happiness in sharing love remain your most prominent condition. ~ Peace my friend.

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