The Spiritual Quest

We all have an understanding of the spiritual. Call it God, The Creator,  Mother Nature, Energy, Source, etc. We all have a unique perspective that we inherit from life experience and our own personal journey. This Blog is to share and explore new ideas, new thoughts, new understandings with open receptive attitudes.  To come to a deeper and greater appreciation for life and happiness.

We are not looking for followers, we are students seeking spiritual enlightenment in a safe judgment free forum.  This is not a place for followers … this is a place for leaders.  Leaders who realize that our world is lacking growth toward genuine spiritual openness. That genuine love for ones neighbor has to extend beyond our own family, friends and neighbors. That it must extend to those who are not like us. To those with whom we disagree. As we begin to better understand others we individually experience growth, enlightenment and receive internal satisfaction, we call spiritual attainment.

3 thoughts on “The Spiritual Quest”

  1. Although most of the blogs on here are old. I hope the writer will check in. I’ve read some but will be back. My youngest son died a year ago and I am having a spiritual crisis, or confusion, not sure. I want to visit different churches, speak to Pastors, Priest and Deacons. I’m hoping this journey of spiritual growth will help me find a tiny speck of peace. And maybe bring me closer to my son that passed away

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. I am pleased you were led here in your search for answers. Your search and journey is always a private experience, while others may be able to flash light in a specific direction your truth answers are always unique. If I can offer insight on an answer you seek I’d be happy to do so. ~ Peace to you Rob.

    2. Easter has passed and another month on your personal journey regarding your son. I trust your finding some solace in your search. I hope you continue to dig and find answers that fulfill your own soul. You should expect contrasting and conflicting answers in your search. My advice is to embrace all points of view as valid, then figure out the space between them and how to connect the concepts beyond a one word answer or a one paragraph one. The best most truthful answer you will find it difficult to explain with words, you will however feel the answers within as faith to satisfy your heart and inner most soul. Most people cling to a belief and that will always be challenged and contradicted, but a belief is different than faith. Faith is within you and bigger than your thinking and reasoning, you’ll find your spiritual answers there. ~ Peace to you Rob.

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