Spiritual Peace … Is Fairness and Equality The Answer?

Successful relationships among people requires a 100% committed effort by all toward the success and strength of the relationship. Equal 50% – 50% contributions to mandate equality will never lead to long-term success. Rather a 100% commitment to the success of the relationship by each individual involved is the formula for success. Equality is the formula for failure.

Without some bias or “politically correct” indoctrination, any reasonable evaluation on mankind, by a fair-minded individual, will acknowledge that the evidence is overwhelming that all men are not created equal. Some are born physically strong, others mentally tough and intelligent, some are caring and nurturing, some are tough and rugged, some are male and some are female, some are trans-gendered, some are cross gendered some are dual gendered, some are tall, some are short, some are bald others hairy, some are fair skinned others dark skinned. By any reasonable unbiased observer the facts are overwhelming that nothing is equal about the individuals that make up mankind. Most reflect a combination of the above referenced differences and we could add a thousand more to the list to multiply the diversity.

Nowhere in nature does equality exist. It’s a human concept that is doomed to failure.  A seed that lands in a field by the river in rich soil will grow taller and stronger than a seed that lands at the bottom of a dense forest. Is it fair that one seed gets better conditions in which to grow? How difficult a process would it be for us to plant trees and focus on equality for every tree. Would that lead to more growth or less overall? Such an undertaking would be extremely difficult to manage because we would have to cut back every strong tree.

If we still relied on trees to build houses and heat our homes would an equality approach be sensible? It is a certainty that we achieve less overall when equality is the goal. Now what result would such an approach have among mankind, would we thrive if we tried to make equality a goal? Such endeavors are misguided and show a lack of appreciation for nature.

Equality is the source of every division and problem in our world. We cannot fight against nature and expect to succeed. The minute we begin to put energies into fighting against nature, by demanding equality within the system, the whole system suffers. We hurt ourselves and the collective suffers too. Hurt and pain to other individuals within the collective are the direct result of seeking equality, such an endeavor is the wrong approach.

The spiritual approach to peace and harmony is where every individual human being needs to be recognized and be nurtured to grow to their fullest potential. Not tearing down the successful to accommodate the weak but rather supporting the weak to find their place within the overall collective system to contribute back to the whole.

Peace comes through 100% acceptance of others and a 100% commitment to supporting the collective well being of all in the system. This is holistic spiritual unity. This is the spiritual approach that will lead humankind to great heights as we work together as a collective for the good of all, and not by seeking equality taking sides one against the other.

7 thoughts on “Spiritual Peace … Is Fairness and Equality The Answer?”

  1. I see your point but I truly believe Equality is the only way to sort humanity. You seem to have the notion that equality is everyone have the same, it’s not it’s about everyone having the same opportunity and access to amenities such a health, social or housing. Can I suggest you read ‘The spirit level’ I think there is a film version called ‘The Divide’ 🙂

    1. Thank you equality333 … Please read this post again slowly and carefully your comment does not reflect the substance of the article. The more you explore The Spiritual Quest the more you’ll discover we agree.
      As long as there is an us and a them to sort and measure against, our human problems will persist. The spiritual approach to equality is unity. Where every individual human being is recognized, encouraged and supported to reach their fullest potential within the community. Supporting the weakest among us to find their role in contributing back to the whole, to maintain their dignity and our common purpose as a society.

    2. Human rulers create the problems … If we all managed our ourselves, our families and our communities we would alleviate most suffering. Expecting government to be a force for good is in opposition to historical precedent.

  2. I actually agree with you, in that it seems to me that many of our problems result from an attempt to twist the natural order of things into accommodating our concept of “equality,” when actually nature does nothing of the kind. In other words, to use a flagrantly politically incorrect example, a woman is not “equal” to a man, otherwise the woman would *be* the man, and vice-versa. That there are definitive differences between women and men is what makes them *not* equal. However, I still think we need to delineate the difference between equal *rights* and equality in other areas. Women and men are not equal — but we have equal rights.
    Also, where I’m a bit confused on the subject of rights is in the area of animal rights, etc., and how far this extends — as in the extreme, down to the insects, does the gnat have the same equal rights as I have, since it is after all a living, sentient being? Or, on the other extreme, for those who believe in God or in higher powers of some spiritual sort, does a “god” have any right to mess with my life, and call the shots in cases, just because the “god” (or God) is more powerful than I am? What right has God to mess with my humanity?
    These are questions I ponder all the time. It is refreshing to read your article, although I confess I’m not sure I understand it fully, and would like to read it a few more times.

    1. Thank You A.R. and Welcome to the Spiritual Quest! … You are asking all the right questions. The answers will flow to you as long as you are genuinely seeking answers.
      It’s easy to argue on deep thoughtful topics with others or to fade away from deeper thinking because we tend to seek immediate gratification with answers. Rather than trusting their own inquiries with internal exploration for personal clarity, many rely on outside sources they deem authoritative like a church, holy or religious writings, an intellectual or a spiritual mentor.
      There are a few exceptional people who focus on their own Spiritual Quest, my guess is you’re one of them. I have shared my observations to the best of my ability using the deeply flawed and limited resource of words and word combinations. I have penned many and shared them here on my Blog.
      My encouragement for you is to keep on Trusting Yourself … the fact that you are asking the question means the answer is not far off. Keep on seeking and you will find! ~ Peace My Friend

  3. You make a number of very valid points, but I’m not sure I agree 100%. There is a form of equality we should strive for. I don’t have the word for it, but the phrase I think of is: equality of treatment. That is, we should treat each other as equals and accept that, regardless of position, wealth or other external traits, we have equal value. I believe you would not disagree with that opinion, but it seems like your essay almost avoids that reasoning. Still, a great read and worthwhile discussion. Compliments.

    1. Thank you rgkontusz for your contribution to this topic. I agree entirely with the Spiritual component of your comment.
      My hope was to share the concept that as a society we cannot set equality as a target objective. What we expect from a child or how we treat a child is different from that of an adult; as it should be.
      The direction and Spiritual objective of this article post was to challenge the default political idea that “equality” is somehow noble or good, something we need to manage and promote. I think your comment to defend equality is evidence of this common belief.
      I expect you’re a Spiritual person and think with a pure heart. So I encourage you to contemplate the truth in the idea and concept of equality.
      Trying to force equality is working against the nature of humanity and violates Spiritual traditions, where we were encouraged to support Orphans and Widows by not gleaning our farm fields; they could work to collect and provide for themselves and maintain their dignity in the process.
      The Spiritual approach to peace and harmony is where every individual is recognized and nurtured to grow to their fullest potential as part of a collective. Especially supporting the weak and under-privileged to find their place within the overall collective system to contribute back to the whole. I suggest that is the Spiritual approach to holistic equality and offers dignity and respect for every individual within a society.
      I am grateful for your comment and always welcome feedback so that we can attain greater Spiritual comprehension as we explore together. ~ Peace

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